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Alkaline Water Bottle - Soul-i

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Alkaline Water Bottle - Soul-i 

Why Soul-i?

Soul-i is the world's first portable alkaline water bottle that does not require any additional devices. Just add water!

The bottle itself has alkalizing properties and will turn the water content of any liquid alkali.

Not only does Soul-i alkalize water, it’s other main function is to ‘activate’ the water and turn it into an anti-oxidant by increasing the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). These two changes to the water’s property have a number of positive   benefits and effects on the human body.


How it works?

Pure water is said to have a pH level very close to 7.0 while our body’s ideal pH level is around 7.4. In order to maintain this pH level and avoid illnesses caused by an acidic body   composition, drinking alkaline water is a must. Soul-i is composed of various natural materials that have an alkalizing and de-oxidizing effect such as alkaline earth metals. By these materials coming into contact with the water, the pH level can go up anywhere between 7.7 and 9.5 depending on the desired strength.



- Balances body’s acidic state caused by various factors such as diet

- Anti-oxidant; increases the Oxidation   Reduction Potential (ORP) and eliminates free radicals

- Prolongs and maintains freshness of any drink (eg. milk, juice, etc.)

- Sterilizing effect on water

- Positive effects on skin and diet

- Effective in post-workout recovery

- Breaks down water molecules into smaller clusters for better absorption

- Helps with digestion

- Positive effects on atopy skin condition

- Contains and releases minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron among others

- Ionized water gives plenty of energy by providing a lot of oxygen

- Bio-degradable



- 600mL bottle

- Double twist off cap for convenient refilling and closure after drinking.

- Considering 3 refills per day, Soul-i’s properties will remain effective for a period of 4 years.



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