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Micro Cleaner

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Micro Cleaner

[Rapha World Korea]


Micro Cleaner is the new idea of Sink Head with 0.2mm minute plate holes. It has excellent washing power and water saving effect. 

Due to our hit product, “I-Ra Shower Head”,
Micro Cleaner has contrived. More favorable living condition with Micro Cleaner!



-  Water Saving Effect of 60-65%
-Produce much Anion
-Fresh Flow of Water
-Effective Washing Effect with 0.2mm micro holes
-Easy Installation and No Splashing
-Permanent use of Composite Ceramic Balls
-Attachment of Nonwoven filter (Replaceable)
-Advanced filter for floating matters in the water
-Easy to change the current of water by using the Button Type Current Changer


[ For Sink –Cobra / Wire Type]


-Simple and Practical Design!
-Easy Installation!
-Handy Connection to the Hose of the Sink!
-Effective and Powerful Washing Effect!


[ For Beauty Salon / Baby-bathing]

Due to the soft water current,it is widely used in Beauty Salonsand for bathing a baby as well.

- Unique and Handy Design!
- Easy Installations!
- Fresh and Soft Water Current for Sensitive Skin
- Massage Effect
- Great Washing Effects!
- Light but strong Material

-  Micro Cleaner gives off the Anion. It keeps the vegetables fresh and helps washing dishes more clean with fine/strong water current. 



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