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Kitchen faucet - Micro cleaner(Wire type)

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 < Merits point of Micro Cleaner>

1. The water doesn't  splash.                                                               2. Amazingly soft water current                                                            3. Minute holes make lots of anion for removing bad smell in the kitchen.      4. Save 60~65% of water                                                                    5. Used permanent composite ceramic                                                    6. Advanced nonwoven filter for floationg matters in the water
7. Easy to change water current (strong, soft)
8. Easy to installation
9. Its high water pressure makes washing much easier.
10. Lots of anion and minute water cluster keep food fresh longer.

< Parts and function of Micro Cleaner >
1.Ceramic Ball
Makes water activated to wash food (vegetables, fruits, fishes, etc.) and dishes well


2. Nonwoven filter
This filter can get rid of settlings and rust in the water. It prevents second pollution.
So it can protects your healthy dietary life.


3. Hyperfine structure hole
1) Saving amount of using water up to 65%.                                          
2) Making water cluster smaller -> The water doesn't splash.                     3) Making lots of anion -> make food fresh longer